It’s been a while

Anyone still come to this site sometimes? If so I would like to maybe get everyone’s kik(get one if you have not already, seriously.) my kik is waffleflavoredtwix & I would like to talk to all of you again now that its been 6 years since I (and many others) had started cp armies and it would be nice to catch up again.





Hella late but happy holidays everyone lol


Hai guys just wonderin if u could come on on this saturday, its coming back again and I want a few veterans to chat with to share stories and stuff. Soo ;p



whoever sees this


what are you guys doing these days?


Nobody has posted in a while and I randomly found this so……yeah sweggie

La Neige

Whoever put the snow on, you’re awesome. Anyways Joyueux Noel/Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza and w/e other Holidays you have.

Hey Folks

Hey guys, how are you all doing? Long time no chat, ya?

So, what are you guys up to nowadays? I’m, you know, on the internet here and there…

So anyways, here’s some videos and stuff I’ve thought was interesting.

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I haz skills =D

Title says all 😉


Scrubs I love me some Scrubs


heya guys, how’s life?

water you guys doing nowadays ?


well, hi and I you had a great day 



ps I still check this site so don’t post anything stupid because ill see it and share it :p