In Transformice, you need to get cheese, and you get titles when you geta lot of cheese. Here’s all the titles can are able to earn.

This page contains a list of titles that are currently known, categorized by the way you achieve them. There may be undiscovered ore unachieved titles that are missing from the list such as the Admin titles that cannot be earned.

Little Mouse-  Starting Title

Greedy Mouse-  Gather 5 cheese

Here !Cheese!-  Gather 20 Cheese

Yeeeeah Cheese ^^-  Gather 100 cheese

Cheeeeeese *-*-  Gather 200 cheese

Activist Mouse-  Gather 300 cheese

Unionized Mouse-  Gather 400 cheese

Mouse on Strike-  Gather 500 cheese

Glutton Mouse-  Gather 600 cheese

Gleany-  Gather 700 cheese

Plumpy Mouse-  Gather 800 cheese

Paunchy Mouse-  Gather 900 cheese

Chubby Mouse-  Gather 1000 cheese

Fluffy Mouse-  Gather 1100 cheese

Tubby Mouse-  Gather 1200 cheese

The Chubby-  Gather 1300 cheese

The Puffy- Gather 1400 cheese

The Cheese Initiated-  Gather 1500 cheese

The Cheese Adept-  Gather 1600 cheese

The Cheese Priest-  Gather 1700 cheese

The Reaper-  Gather 1800 cheese

Cheese Finder-  Gather 2000 cheese

Cheese Knight-  Gather 2300 cheese

Cheesegrubber-  Gather 2700 cheese

Fatty-  Gather 3200 cheese

Stout Mouse-  Gather 3800 cheese

Cheese Lover-  Gather 4600 cheese 

Cameburt-  Gather 6000 cheese

Pont-L’Évêque-  Gather 7000 cheese

Cheese Gather- Gather 8000 cheese

It’s Over 9,000-  Gather 9001 cheese

Collector-  Gather 10,000 cheese

Cheeseleader-  Gather 14,000 cheese

Cheese Thief-  Gather 18,000 cheese

Cheese Creator-  Gather 22,000 cheese

Cheese Pizza-  Gather 26,000 cheese

Cheese Minister-  Gather 30,000 cheese

Prodigy Mouse-  Gather 34,000 cheese

Princess of Transformice- Gather 38,000 cheese

Cheesoholic-  Gather 42,000 cheese

The Cheesen One-  Gather 46,000 cheese

Sailor Mouse-  Gather 50,000 cheese

MAH CHEESE-  Gather 80,000 Cheese




  1. what was the point in this?

  2. coool

  3. Hi, I go on TFM almost EVERYDAY and Im like pro. You can look me up, username:Rawrbell
    I dont have much cheese on this account siince my other account was banned.

  4. 😦 i got hacked user:thepoods anyone got a pro account o3o?, ik random ? but you dont have to 😦

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